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DunhamTrimmer LLC is the premier market research company that focuses exclusively on the global biological agricultural markets, including the biopesticide, biocontrol, and biostimulant industries. DunhamTrimmer LLC has the unique combination of an international network, broad market experience and a thorough understanding of the global biological sector.

Today’s biological products are diverse, expanding in use rapidly, and becoming an integral part of modern crop protection solutions. If you are in the crop protection industry, biological control industry, biostimulant industry, food production industry or a potential investor, a thorough understanding of the emerging opportunities, new technologies and competitive challenges is crucial to your success.

With literally hundreds of companies producing thousands of biological products, you need a market research team that is focused on this rapidly evolving market. The right information and the right data can be the difference between success and failure.


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Biological Industry Report Series 2015 Is Coming Soon. Please click here for details and pricing.


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