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DunhamTrimmer LLC delivers to you the critical biological market intelligence necessary to position your company, plan your investments, and capitalize on this increasingly important global agricultural market segment.

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If you require a focused, in-depth competitive analysis within any of the biological market segments, DunhamTrimmer LLC offers up-to-the-minute, custom-tailored, confidential global market research and due diligence on specific biopesticide, biocontrol, and biostimulant companies, technologies, products, and market segments.

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William Dunham and Mark Trimmer are experienced executives with broad crop protection and biological industry backgrounds. No one can match their focus and expertise in the world of global biological agriculture.

DunhamTrimmer Biological Industry Report Series 2016 Company Profiles Are Here! Please Click Here for Pricing and for More Information.



In April of 2013, DunhamTrimmer and New Ag International jointly launched 2BMonthly The Global Biocontrol & Biostimulants E-Newsletter, providing the latest news on the biopesticide/biostimulant industries. With the best expertise and a unique network to access cutting edge information on the biocontrol and biostimulants industries, the 2BMonthly team will ensure each issue delivers the latest and most critical news directly from all stakeholders. Please click on the link below for more information and a subscription order form. Please don’t miss out on this very unique, must-have newsletter.

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