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DunhamTrimmer® Global Biocontrol Report
Market Overview, Trends, Drivers and Insights

Insider's Perspective
Spanning more than 350 pages, this unprecedented Market Report offers the insider’s perspective on the Global Biocontrol Market to assist in development and execution of sound business strategy.

Introduction to the 2023 DunhamTrimmer Global Biocontrol Report

The 2023 DunhamTrimmer Global Biocontrol Market Report quantifies the Biocontrol market and its numerous subsegments for products used in Agriculture, Forestry, and Industrial Uses. It provides insights into all four Product Type subcategories of Biocontrol: Microbials, Biochemicals, Macrobials, and Others. It also segments the market by Use Segments: Bioinsecticides, Biofungicides, Bionematicides, Bioherbicides, and Plant Growth Regulators.

The Biocontrol Market has nearly doubled in size since DunhamTrimmer issued its first Global Biocontrol Report in 2019. While our 2019 report found the global Biocontrol market growing at 15-17% CAGR, we now see this market growing at reduced rate from 2023-2029. As the early adopting regions, growth rates in the US and Western EU are slowing at a faster rate than other markets. Yet despite this deceleration, there remain several countries and regions that continue to experience rapid expansion, particularly Latin America.

By 2029, DunhamTrimmer projects the global Biocontrol market will exceed $15 billion. This is an amazing achievement for an industry that didn’t reach $1 billion in global sales until 2010.

Microbial and biochemical products continue to dominate the Biocontrol market, representing over 90% of global revenue. Bioinsecticides and biofungicides are the leading use segments for Biocontrol products, representing more than 70% of global revenue. The fastest-growing use segment is bionematicides, driven largely by adoption of these products in row crops in LATAM. Macroorganisms continue to be found primarily in protected markets, but we are seeing an increasing trend for their introduction in some outdoor crops.

The 2023 DunhamTrimmer Global Biocontrol Market Report includes a one-of-kind, in-depth section Defining Biocontrol technologies. It also features a detailed look at the Trends and Drivers that are helping to shape the industry. Since Regulatory systems remain a key influencing factor on the pace of Biocontrol market development, the Report includes an insightful section on regulatory agencies and processes in key markets. The US market has benefited from EPA establishing a dedicated Biopesticide Division nearly 30 years ago, and recent regulatory reforms in Brazil have helped fuel the rapid market expansion now occurring there. Much of the slowdown in the EU remains a challenging regulatory environment, particularly for microbial-based Biocontrol products.

From a numbers perspective, data and forecasts are provided for: 5 Global Regions, 21 Key Countries, and 9 Crop Groups. Market regional and country outlooks are further segmented by 4 Product Types, 5 Use Segments, and 5 Application types.

Finally, DunhamTrimmer scores and profiles 120 of the Leading Companies in the Global Biocontrol space using its proprietary Consolidated Strength Rating (CSR) system. This scoring includes assessment of product portfolio, global footprint, innovation and disruption capacity, and top-line revenue estimates.

The Report concludes with STEP (a.k.a. PEST, PESTLE) Analysis, a Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis, and SWOT analysis.


Single-User License
$6,750 USD

(access to Main Excel Data)
$8,750 USD

Multi-User License
(corporations of more than 1000 employees)
$9,750 USD

DunhamTrimmer offers discounts to existing clients.

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