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Data Sources

DunhamTrimmer collects data from multiple sources and resources including, but not limited to, companies, governmental data, trade associations, market reports & articles, professionals from many countries and industry segments and our own market research & databases. DunhamTrimmer publishes (together with NAI) The 2BMonthly The Global Biocontrol & Biostimulants E-Newsletter and is in constant contact with news from the global market. As well DunhamTrimmer interacts on a regular basis with industry leaders due to attendance and participation in major biocontrol conferences. Annually, DunhamTrimmer, in conjunction with New Ag International organizes 2-3 biocontrol conferences of their own in key market areas of the world. All these factors provides DunhamTrimmer with a unique and intimate knowledge of the global biological markets.

Multiple Data Collection

Market Values – multiple data sources including conference presentations, executive interviews, past market data, various articles, biocontrol company data, 2BMonthly, company websites, annual reports, governmental research data, interaction with DunhamTrimmer®’s individual clients and constant interaction with biocontrol industry stakeholders throughout the world.

Data Processing

  • Data collection and organization
  • Data breakdown and cleaning
  • Data analysis and application of market insights
  • Data systemization and criteria unification
  • Data organization in Excel charts
  • Data optimization and graphic representation

Checks & Balances

Market Values – are checked against various sources including DunhamTrimmer®’s proprietary databases on companies, products and the market. The market data basis for this report is grounded on the same market data DunhamTrimmer has been using for the past 8 years for projects with their individual clients.

Market Projections

Our objective is to project the estimated market value dimensions, but more importantly the actual growth of the various market segments. We have taken a top-down approach starting with the overall geographic segmentation with various bottom-up checks and balances on the values by segments or from our company revenue estimations in order to accurately project the base market.   Market projections for the biocontrol market are very challenging, as over 90% of the companies are privately held with no pubic revenue data available. With DunhamTrimmer®’s sole focus on global biological markets we are very active in the bio industries working with client companies, attending global conferences, gathering data for publication in the 2BMonthly E-Newsletter and meeting with diverse sections of the industry.

80% of the global biocontrol market is found in 9 countries, therefore, the focus was more on the quantitative analysis of those countries and a more qualitative effort in the other countries. Minor countries and others have been estimated using the assumption they will develop analogous to the countries around them. This was done because the time spent on quantifying them reached the point of diminishing return quickly given their limited impact either individually or aggregately on the global market.

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