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Publications and Presentations

Speaking Engagements and Presentations


Mark Trimmer & Bill Dunham  Biocontrol Market Trends at Crops & Chemicals USA, Raleigh, NC (July 2018)
Mark Trimmer    Global Market Overview at BioInsumos – 1st International Summit in San Francisco de Mostazal, Chile (June 2018)
Bill Dunham        Lecturer at New Ag Academy (June 2018)
Mark Trimmer    Keynote address at Biocontrol Africa conference, Nairobi, Kenya (March 2018)
Manel Cervera    Keynote address at BPIA Spring meeting, San Diego, CA (March 2018)


Bill Dunham       Global Biocontrol Market at AgBusiness Trade Summit, Las Vegas, NV (Aug 2017)
Bill Dunham       Keynote address at 2nd Biocontrol Asia conference, Bangkok  (June 2017)
Bill  Dunham      Lecturer at New Ag Academy (June 2017)
Mark Trimmer   Guatemala presentations on biocontrol market for Fintrac/US AID (May 2017)
Mark Trimmer   Presentation to Western Region IR-4 on biocontrol market (April 2017)
Mark Trimmer   Presentation on Biostimulant market at BPIA (March 2017)


Bill  Dunham      Presentation on Global Biocontrol Market at Biocontrol LATAM 2016—Campinas Brazil (November 2016)
Bill Dunham       Presentation on global biologicals market to BPIA (March 2016)
Mark Trimmer   DunhamTrimmer Biological Control Market — Jefferies (April 4 2016)


Bill Dunham   Bill Dunham Gives the Keynote Address at ABIM 2015
Bill Dunham   DunhamTrimmer Biological Control Market — Jefferies (May 10 2015)


Mark Trimmer   Presentation on Trends in Biocontrol Market to New Ag International Conference in Poland

Video Interview

Mark Trimmer Breaking Down the MultiBillion-Dollar Biologicals Market (May 2020)

The panel, hosted by Omri Wallach for Stockhouse Media, also consisted of:

  • Keith Jones, Executive Director of the Biological Products Industry Alliance
  • Ashish Malik, CEO of Bee Vectoring Technologies International Inc.

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