Business Development, Licensing & Partnering

DunhamTrimmer has an unparalleled network across the agricultural-inputs industry, making it the first call companies make when seeking potential partners for business development, licensing, or M&A support. Startups, and innovators rely on DunhamTrimmer to identify and connect them with right-fitting partners for growth; medium and larger companies depend on DunhamTrimmer’s knowledge of innovations in establishing a Biologicals portfolio or filling gaps in their existing mix of products.  This inherent knowledge and insight into what Biologicals companies are striving for makes DunhamTrimmer an indispensable resource.

DunhamTrimmer’s scorecarding process is powered by its proprietary BioMarket Database, which includes Consolidated Strength Ratings for more than 500 Biocontrol, Biostimulant, Biofertilizer, and Value-Added Fertilizer companies in the areas of market access, portfolio strength, innovation capacity, and top-line revenue — both at a regional and global level. When you make DunhamTrimmer a part of your business development team, you can be confident that you’re getting the most accurate and informed market and company information available.

The team at Dunham Trimmer rapidly connected us to a technology provider that could help enhance our portfolio. Their expertise was critical in both identifying technology available and more importantly the best partner that meshed culturally with our company.