Custom Research &
Single Client Studies

The most insightful research and client studies begin with strong foundational knowledge, and nobody knows the Biologicals Market like DunhamTrimmer.

From the world’s largest multinational players, global and regional leaders, and promising new entrants in the Biocontrol, Biostimulant, Biofertilizer, and Value-Added Fertilizer segments, aspiring companies turn to DunhamTrimmer for the most well-informed and growth-enabling market research and single-client studies available.

Our highly regarded project work spans a wide range of categories and client types:

  • Strategic market planning and development including go-to-market and competitive landscape studies
  • Corporate training, presentations, and background on present and future direction of Bio markets
  • Identification and due diligence of investment/acquisition targets based on client criteria
  • Market communication including messaging, branding, and developing and executing a cohesive media strategy for your products and business

DunhamTrimmer is the industry’s go-to for market stats and market research on all things Biologicals. I personally have worked on due diligence projects for investors with DT and there is no one that can do the deep-dive analytics on Biologicals companies and the market like they do. I also hired them to conduct a go-to-market plan for some of our new products. The results were comprehensive with the data we needed to provide confidence in our plans.