Product Development
& Management

DunhamTrimmer’s deep technical knowledge of Biocontrols, Biostimulants, Biofertilizers, and Value-Added Fertilizers makes it an accomplished strategic partner in the product development area. Our innate knowledge of modes of action, formulation chemistry, application technology, and global sustainable crop production systems enables us to provide invaluable insights into technology scouting and go-to-market strategies. With this extensive knowledge base, we assist our clients in making informed development decisions early in the process, as well as troubleshooting existing products that may not be meeting performance expectations.

DunhamTrimmer’s expansive network also provides clients with access to potential trial acreage and best-in-class third-party researchers in target markets. Our knowledge and relationships with leading suppliers offering related technologies and services can bring additional resources and value to your internal development team.

DunhamTrimmer is excellent at finding new technologies. Working with them stretches our innovation and provides access to new markets that broaden our reach.