Strategic Marketing

The importance and value of effective strategic Marketing Communications is often overlooked or underestimated. Particularly for startups and SMEs, shifting priorities competing demand for internal resources may push this important function to the back of the line.

DunhamTrimmer can help. As part of its combined 150+ years of bio-market experience, DunhamTrimmer has exceptional depth of knowledge, experience, creativity, and talent in this vitally important business area. The DunhamTrimmer team features multiple members with director-level experience in messaging, brand essence, designing and producing high-impact collateral, and developing and executing an integrated media strategy surrounding the key value proposition elements of biological products.

DunhamTrimmer created a very impactful brand identity for our new product, which aligned the brand strategy with our business strategy to generate more growth opportunities. They helped us achieve competitive advantage by providing unbiased insight to the Biological market, growth drivers, and potential partners. Their level of experience and professionalism is second to none.